Created in 1990 , the FROGGIES Club Rugby 7’s, the only specialist team of this kind in France, Winner of the International Rugby Tournament of Dubai in 1990 (after beating the national teams from Germany, ex-Russia,Hong Kong,the Grizzlies of U.S.A., the Queensland of Australia, the Saltires of Scotland, the Warblers of New Zealand, the Crawshays of Wales, the Midland Counties and Millfield of England), has since obtained letters of praise and nobiltiy from the organisers of International Rugby Sevens Tournaments held around the world.

This team is composed principally with French International rugby players, and with French PRO A and PRO B clubs rugby players and also Invitational rugby seven specialist players from all around the world.Well known personality such as Bernard Laporte, Denis Charvet, Jean-Luc Sadourny, Fabien Pelous, Philippe Bernat-Salles, …

 Dubaï 1990

Upright from left to right: Jean-Jacques ROUS, Bernard DELBREIL, Saïd FILALI, Thierry JANECZEK, Jean-Philippe SWIADEK.

Squatted: Kamel IRANI, Philippe GARRIGES, Karim ABBOU, Thierry PEBAY, Frédéric SEGUIER.